The Athlete Life Programme aims to assist and manage athletes effectively, in order to achieve sporting excellence.

Athlete Mentors work with athletes to minimise constraints and maximise opportunities that have the potential to impact upon sport performance.

There are four areas Athlete Life Advisors support athletes with:

1. Developing Personal Leadership
2. Managing Career and Education
3. Managing Finances
4. Managing Sport Lifestyle


Ricardo Siljeur – Athlete Life Mentor

Developing Personal Leadership

Decision making
Energy & Time Management
Interpersonal Communication

Managing Finances

Financial planning
Athlete & Business


Managing Career and Education

Career Planning
Education Support
Job Preparation

Managing Sport Lifestyle

Managing change



Here are some reasons why athletes get help from their Athlete Life Mentor:

Feeling overwhelmed with all the commitments you have?

Trying to make a big decision and want some help?

Do you need assistance in setting up your own website?

You have to give a presentation to a large group of people – help!

Looking for work?

Need help with your CV?

Need help preparing for an interview?

Perhaps you want to apply for an Athlete Scholarship?

Looking for sponsorships?

How to come back mentally and physically stronger from an injury?

Need assistance to break up from any slump and get motivated?

Need assistance in managing your weekly budget & taxes?

The steps to take when relocating and/or buying a home?

Need travelling advice?