Fill in the blank spaces

  • There is only one possible right answer for each space given.
  • Fill in the word/s you think best suit the given sentence.
  • One word per space.
  • Two spaces require two separate words.


  1. Muscles of the _______ ______ stabilize the highly movable hip joint and support the body during standing and walking.
  2. The gluteus maximus, _______ _______ and gluteus minimus together for the gluteal muscles.
  3. The adductor muscles causes ________ of the hip.
  4. The structure of a joint determines its ___________.
  5. The four movements of joints are flexion, ________ , lateral bending and _________.
  6. _______ joint, allows for a sliding movement.
  7. ________ joint moves in flexion, extension, abduction and adduction.
  8. The elbow joint is an example of a ______ joint.
  9. Muscles that attach the humerus to the axial skeleton are the _________ ________ and latissimus dorsi.
  10. The muscles of the shoulder are the deltoids, __________, Subscapularis, ______ _____, Supraspinatus, Teres major.