About Us

The African Sport Training Academy (ASTA) offers Sport Specific Testing, Athletic Movement Competency Skills (AMCS), Strength and Conditioning, Injury Rehabilitation, Specialised Physical Fitness Classes, Athlete Mentorship and Education and Training.

The African Sport Training Academy was established in 2015 by a group of health professionals that realized there was a need for an organisation that could help communities in the field of health, wellness, fitness and sport development.

Our Vision:
To be a centre of excellence that produces world-class outcomes in sport performance, athlete development, health and wellness in Africa.

Our Mission:
To make history, have fun, learn, educate, discover, make a difference and to be brilliant.

Our Motto:
Be Brilliant – I am better today than what I was yesterday!

The aim is to have a global foot print and provide an opportunity for all to enjoy sport, recreation, health, wellness and educational activities no matter the level, no matter the goal.

To reach this aim we build partnerships that will help provide a synergistic working relationship in terms of resources, skills development, community contribution and knowledge. These partnerships are mutually beneficial for all proposing partners including the citizens of the community.

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