The ASTA Athlete Hour is a concept in which services are provided to promising young athletes, with the aim of supporting them and facilitating their development. During this hour, athletes follow individualised training programmes and are supervised by qualified strength and conditioning specialists.

Who are these athletes?

  • Athletes who want to pursue sport as a profession
  • Former/Current National/Provincial athletes
  • Student Athletes
  • Athletes making a comeback after an injury
  • Athletes that are self-funded

We have 4 Carding levels:

Level 1 National
Level 2 Provincial
Level 3 Elite
Level 4 Junior/Youth Development

Carded athletes may access ASTA services depending on their sport-specific performance plan.

What is the ASTA athlete profile?

An ASTA athlete is an individual who has shown talent and potential world class ability in their sporting code. ASTA athletes have, at some point in their careers thus far, excelled and achieved top honors. However, these athletes have experienced obstacles in their journey to sporting excellence and are trying to overcome them in order to realise their true potential. ASTA athletes are young and determined to achieve success. Through their previous experiences, they have come to realise that this cannot be achieved through sheer talent alone. Hard work is essential and an ASTA athlete has bought into this concept and is willing to put in the effort in order to be successful.

Services provided by ASTA

  • Consultation and health screening
  • Sport relevant testing
  • Individualised programme prescription
  • Supervised strength and conditioning sessions
  • Injury assessment and rehabilitation
  • Life skills and mentorship