The Science of Movement and the application of exercise in rehabilitative treatment of performance.

Movement is an essential part of everyday life, depended on constantly by people of all ages. Movement affects development, learning, communicating, working, health, and quality of life. At the most basic level, movement permits people to navigate and to stay oriented within their environment. It is critical for most work and recreation and allows people to interact more fully. For these reasons, movement is a defining element of quality of life

The Division of Biokinetics and Sport Sciences studies ‘man in motion’, and the BSportSci degree is presented as a full-time intramural package. This degree focuses on the study of human movement, biokinetics, and sport from the perspective of the natural sciences. This three year full-time programme comprises two specialist options, namely Biokinetics and Sport Science. The first two years of study will comprise a generic curriculum followed by all BSportSci students that includes basic and applied sciences of the human body.

At the end of the second year, selection will take place on academic merit and students will branch into either the Sport Science curriculum or the Biokinetics curriculum up until the completion of their third year of studies. The first year of internship for the Biokinetics students will run concurrently with their third year of studies. Then the Biokinetics students will proceed with the BScHons in Biokinetics running concurrently with the second year of their internship. The four-year Biokinetics programme (3+1) is in line with the new regulations of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) for Biokinetics training which will be followed by all universities that offer this programme. The Sport Science students have the option of proceeding with the BScHons in Sport Science, enrol and complete the Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) or start working in the sporting industry.

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